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October 19, 2021 2 min read

Seven Inspiring Mums Who Hustle Have Their Say

Ali Clarke, Owner of skincare business Bondi Blades, says giving up her corporate job to pursue a better balance was the most rewarding thing she ever did. That being said, she says women shouldn’t feel like they have to choose between a career and a family.
I believe that you can have it all – if you want to. It’s up to you. However, at some point something will give. For me it was giving up my six-figure banking job. Money comes and goes but you get burnt out. Having it all now to me is knowing my daughter can have all my attention, and my family is financially stable even without that job,” she says.
“I am working to show her she can be her own boss, and I am looking after my health and fitness again. Being a mum should not stop you from achieving your dreams and goals.”
As for success, Ali says to hustle, women need to be better at tooting their own horns, and supporting fellow women in their successes.
“Stop caring what the people around you think, especially the ones with negative things to say about what you are trying to do, and go for it. They won’t even be in your life in years to come. Stop holding back, you are going to achieve greatness in your life!“We need to start encouraging women to apply for roles even when they don’t meet all the criteria. We are quick learners and should not doubt ourselves, society should encourage women to take on male dominated roles in business regardless. Women should never have to feel they need to lie about their desire to be a mum for fear that they won’t get the role, even when they are clearly the best person for the role.” 
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